Teis Albers is a contemporary artist from the Netherlands. His art is a mixture of elements from nature, pop-art and street-art. From blown up trashed typography and weathered billboards to still-lifes mixed with comicbook advertisements. From the subconscious he plays with these various elements and allows the compositions to happen layer by layer. Everything comes together in a digital canvas where he has full control over size, composition and color. After that follows the physical layering with multiple prints and various materials like paint, paper and varnish.

Teis attended the school of graphic design in Eindhoven and started doing freelance work right after graduation. After several years of working and living in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch he recently moved to a more remote village. The contrast between city and village forms the basis for his contemporary work. Cracked walls with layers of torn posters next to nature and wide views. Crowded malls with screaming adverts and a flock of birds, forming abstract shapes.

The works are a mix of illustration, typography, photography and various compilation techniques.
Teis finds inspiration in vintage stuff, street-art, comics, old brochures, travelling, film, art, nature and music.


Studio Address

Schoolstraat 7-9
4261 BN Wijk & Aalburg
The Netherlands


Phone: +31 (0) 6 280 66 253



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